A greeting to all the Veterans of the Second World War


DAL VOLTURNO A CASSINO is a website created with the primary purpose of exchanging information among researchers of events related to the battle of Cassino. The battle of Cassino was fought by the armies of several countries and the historical memory of these events occurring is strong particularly in these nations.

For this reason it is very important for us to get help from Veterans and their Associations and from all those Organizations that cooperate to keep alive the memory of those events.
If you want, contact us for to send us your writings and your pictures to publish your memories and experiences on our site.

To encourage contact, on this website there is a forum dedicated to all Veterans and their families, for the Soldiers of all nationalities who fought in the battle of Cassino and took part in the war. This forum was created for those who want to share their personal experience of every aspect of the battle and even for those who have questions on the Second World War in Italy.
A more specific forum is dedicated to finding fallen soldiers and comrades, friends and people met during the war and which there is no news.

On this site you can read the experiences and stories of some Veterans already published. See movies of the stories of the soldiers, from playlist on DAL VOLTURNO A CASSINO Youtube channel.

Users and friends of this website will do their best to respond to every question and satisfy every request. Through our facebook page you can stay in touch with us.

I forgot: You can translate the contents of the website.

Thank you for visiting.