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Roger Smith

UP THE BLUE - A kiwi private's view of the second world war

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In1953, former 24th Battalion infantryman Roger Smith began writing about his life’s great adventure: service during World War II with the Second New Zealand Division. Two years later the object of the exercise had been achieved — a book was complete and the Devils of War were pushed firmly back into their box.
Now, after almost half a century and the urging of his family, Roger Smith has agreed to release his extraordinary manuscript to a wider public, and his book has been published by Ngaio Press.

UP THE BLUE tells of things as they were for the ordinary Kiwi soldier, with atmospheric and chilling descriptions of the great battles in North Africa and Italy. But there’s a great deal more than that: Smith’s sensitive and moving story examines the psychological impact of war service: horror, elation, homesickness, culture shock, mateship, trust, off-duty shenanigans, laughter, fear and tears.
The crucible from which a generation of New Zealand men was forged.


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